Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to learn more about natural hair salon policies and how our practices strive to be as sustainable and earth-friendly as possible? Curious about the cost of going natural and organic, and how these products stack up against traditional hair care staples? Here are the answers to the questions we receive most frequently from clients who are new to our natural hair salon and products.


What is ‘natural organic’?

Natural Organic products are what they say they are, completely natural! They contain no dangerous ingredients, parabens, chemicals, artificial fragrances and colours. These nasty chemicals can cause skin irritations and allergies due to chemical build up and clogging, therefore cutting off the oxygen supply and suffocating the skin. The only reason chemicals are in some products is because they are cheaper to manufacture and provide instant but not often permanent result. We choose not to stock chemical based products because we do not believe in their value. Our sustainable natural organic products and their results stack up to chemical alternatives, so why poison yourself when you can go natural?

What is in your colour?

O&M colour is free of PPD, Resorcinol & Ammonia, formulated for and exclusive to salon professionals, achieves up to 5 levels of lightening, 100% Grey coverage and it is pleasant smelling. O&M challenge the artificial norms of professional haircare with formulations that are both effective and gentle. Removing harsh chemicals wherever possible while including natural extracts and active minerals that deliver real benefits.

Do your products work?

Yes they do. Our products are tried and tested by ourselves, and the world. All products that we stock are internationally recognised and hold a fantastic reputation for their affordability, quality, result and care. We have a product to suit every hair and skin type, and can customise a regime to suit your needs. We can guarantee great results with the right product. Our products are formulated with the highest integrity

Remember, that hair products have been around for centuries in natural form. They provided results then and even more so now that the natural ingredients have been thoroughly researched, tried and tested on all hair and skin types. Our products are formulated to be able to compete in a market which is dominated by chemical nasties, so we believe that they are pretty fantastic! As hairdressers, we would only recommend products to our clients, that we would feel comfortable using on ourselves, and we do use these products at home!

Always ask your stylist: “Would you use this on yourself?”

How can I be sustainable natural organic?

Your first step to a healthier future lies in small steps. It is important to start reading and understanding what is in your products. Don’t be afraid to Google an ingredient to find out its origins, it is vital to do this as some products will state that they are organic, or natural but it is often not so. We have been very fussy with the products we use and sell in our salon, every product we use is safe, and we can swear by its quality and result. We use it ourselves! We have put the hard work in researching our products for you, so you can trust that any product you purchase from us is safe for you to use.

Sustainable Natural Organic is so expensive, I cannot afford it.

We understand! The reason for this is because the ingredients in our products are of fantastic quality. However, our products are reasonably priced and in terms of quality, do indeed compare to chemical alternatives. We price our products as reasonably as we can to make Natural Organic quality products accessible to absolutely everybody. Also, Our products are concentrated, so why go through bottles of something chemical and unknown, when you can use a small amount of our product, make it go a further distance, and know exactly what is in your product?


Is it safe to colour my hair when pregnant?

There are many ways we can color hair to accommodate any needs. Just adding color within foil packets allows for the color to never sit or penetrate the scalp or skin. Or O&M hair color (which we use at Pure Hair) produce professional grade ammonia, resorcinol and PPD free permanent hair color making it gentle on hair, scalp and hands.